Flower Regulations

Seasonal Information

Please follow these seasonal regulations:

  • March 1 to 6 days before Memorial Day - No flowers or decorations can be left on the grounds at this time. All items will be cleared weekly.
  • Sunday after Memorial Day to Labor Day - All items on grounds should be completely removed except for flowers and decorations in approved vases.
  • Tuesday after Labor Day to the day before Thanksgiving - All items should be completely removed.
  • Thanksgiving Day to February 28 - Floral or decorative items may be placed on the grounds in approved vases.

Flower Options

The Woodland Cemetery is a beautiful park in every season. To preserve the beauty and maintenance of the park, grounds regulations are strictly enforced. For more information, view Flower Regulations (PDF).

Warning: The cemetery's wildlife loves your flowers. You may see a squirrel, skunk, owl, fox, deer, or others. The cemetery is a refuge for wildlife and bird habitats. Be watchful and enjoy. Please be respectful of the many species as this is their home.